Zoom Room Installation

Now A Certified Zoom Rooms Integrator

Now A Certified Zoom Rooms Integrator

What are Zoom Rooms?

Zoom Rooms offers a united cloud-based platform for remote video conferencing services to companies around the globe. Zoom is the premier communications software for combining mobile collaboration, chat features, webinars, video and audio conferencing, online meetings, and much more. With Zoom, businesses are able to create meeting environments with:

  • Wireless content sharing
  • Video and audio conferencing
  • Integrated calendaring

Meeting environments that offer these three key features are referred to as Zoom Rooms. Zoom Rooms are ideal for any business. They allow for face-to-face meetings by creating video-enabled collaboration spaces. Furthermore, it is possible for businesses and organizations to hold product demonstrations and presentations without being in the same room.

Why choose a Certified Integrator?

Working with an accredited Zoom certified integrator like React Audiovisual Systems will minimize risks. One of which is the quality of work you'll receive. Certified Zoom Room installers have the technical know-how and proper equipment to develop successful Zoom Rooms. Before becoming a Zoom certified integrator, intensive technical training of Zoom's infrastructure and solutions are required.

These sessions involve all aspects of Zoom Rooms including deployment, integration and management. We will be there with you from the planning stage to deployment and resolve any technical issues you encounter in the process.