Digital Signage

Digital Signage grabs and hold the attention of current and potential customers by displaying up to date, dynamic content. As such, it is fast replacing traditional static signs in many business, commercial, and way finding applications. We offer prepackaged, configurable, as well as custom digital signage solutions. By using any of a selection of networked signage players, display media, and custom content that a  client can create or have created, we make its deployment easy.

We offer:

– A selection of networkable digital signage players

– as simple as a Droid PC for static Image playback or fully featured High Definition units capable of integrating full motion video and additional channels

– The ability to integrate live data, with apps for Facebook, YouTubs, RSS feed, weather, and more

– A wide selection of commercial grade (24/7 Capable) flat panel and projection displays – Integration into new or existing audio and video systems

– Design

– build services for more complex custom systems

– Video walls

– Content creation and management services, including Cloud Based.

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